Inauguration Sweeping the Nation


  • Do not bother trying to kayak to the Inauguration. [DCist]

  • Obama went to his favorite mosque today, the 19th St. Baptist Church. [WTOP]
  • Welcome to town! Try not to be a total dick. [Urbzen]
  • The "We Are One" concert was a special event of some kind, involving Beyonce singing "America the Beautiful," Obama and Lincoln doing a terrorist fist bump, and Sheryl Crow probably singing for seven fucking hours, about nothing. [USA Today]
  • If you're lucky enough to still have a job and still have a job that still honors federal holidays, you can still volunteer for some Hopey event tomorrow, in your area, for service! [USA Service]
  • You people think this is the dumbest souvenir Obama T-shirt in D.C. this week? HA, wait until you see Newell's. [Washington City Paper]

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