Incels Are Mad Because Air Force Briefing Got Their Precious Memes Wrong

Incels Are Mad Because Air Force Briefing Got Their Precious Memes Wrong

On Monday morning, 22-year-old Army veteran Brian Isaack Clyde showed up, armed to the teeth, at the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse in Dallas and opened fire. No one was seriously injured, except for Clyde, who died being taken down by law enforcement.

In a development that should shock absolutely no one at this point, Clyde had recently been posting "incel memes" on Facebook, notably one delineating the differences between a "virgin shooting" and a "Chad rampage."

Classy, no?

In light of attacks like this, personnel at Joint Base Andrews, an Air Force base in Maryland, were recently given a briefing on the threat posed by incels. The briefing was made public when a slide (the featured image on this post) was posted in an Air Force Facebook group, and a spokesperson confirmed its authenticity to Task and Purpose.

"The screenshot was taken from a Joint Base Andrews Intel brief created following basic threat analysis on an increase in nationwide activity by the group," 11th Wing spokesman Aletha Frost told Task & Purpose in an email. [...]

"The intent of the brief was to educate the Joint Base Andrews commanders on the behaviors and activities attributed to the group to safeguard our Airmen/installation," Frost told Task & Purpose.

This is a good thing! I'm not sure what the Air Force is going to do about it, but I'm very glad that people are starting to pay attention and take this seriously, because these men are dangerous as hell. My advice? Find every idiot posting in these damn forums and put them on a 5150 hold. That way, you can get them some mental health help and also ensure that they can't legally own a gun for at least five years. It's a win-win situation!

News of the briefing has since hit the incel message boards, where at least one of them decided that the "worst part" was that they did not even get their memes right. How dare they!

User mental_out, who describes himself as a "facel" (meaning that he believes that his unattractive face is the reason women will not have sex with him, rather than the fact that he is an obvious lunatic), said that he was also "worried" that the Air Force was listening to "incel opponents."

Disturbing to say the least. The worst part is that the slide in question is full of bullshit, particularly the dumb "beck vs stacy" meme that was never an incel meme in the first place. The Chad vs Virgin thing in general isn't an incel meme, it was normified literally a day after its inception. I think the worrying part is they're clearly being fed this info by incel opponents who're going out of their way to lie about incels.

I'd love to know what he thinks there is for one to go out of their way to lie about. Even they admit they're a threat, as per user MayorOfKekville's response to the post:

"NEW" threat.
They think men who are deprived of emotional and physical intimacy and end up getting angry because of it is "NEW".

As does another incel who suggested that someone in the military could be an incel and "go ER" (Elliot Rodger) with a nuke.

Cause incels can be literaly anyone and anywhere. A nuclear submarine operator can identify with the movement secretly, so can any air force officers or personnel. It's over if someone with destructible weapon go ER (like bomber operator who decided to drop a nuke)

Pretty sure that's not how dropping nukes works, but whatevs.

For what it's worth, no one thinks that misogynistic men becoming murderers is anything new; what is new is their interacting with and further radicalizing each other in these forums. They make themselves more dangerous because they are constantly trying to out "blackpill" each other. The more they talk about these completely batshit theories of theirs, the more devout they become, the less likely they are to ever come out of it, and the more likely they are to hurt someone.

Over on Reddit, the denizens of r/braincels took a break from crying about the dogpill (their fervent belief that women would rather have sex with dogs than with them) to put forward the theory that this briefing would backfire and all the Air Force dudes would suddenly realize that the incels are right about everything and subsequently assist them in their "uprising" plans:

i wonder how many men in the military will realize we're correct after hearing about inceldom. They get cucked when on duty so often that it's a popular joke
The AirForce is FILLED with manlets. I think the average height there is 5'4 or 5'5. And their spouices are fucking 6ft Chad back home. Some High IQ BlackPilled general is trying to Black Pill the AirForce... Good. The Incel Uprising is Coming Boyos! Soon there will be raining BlackPills if you know what I mean :)...

Oh gosh, why does anyone think they are a threat of any kind? It is surely a mystery!

[Task And Purpose]

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