glennmurphy.jpgGlenn Murphy, Jr. is our latest addition to the Endless Cummer Cavalcade of Pervs! The Clark County, Indiana GOP Chair was recently elected Young Republican National Federation Chair and so it was only a matter of time before the Sheriff began investigating him for "alleged deviate conduct." Because apparently some poor Young Republican doesn't want to wake up to the national chairman unexpectedly fellating him.

Here, here is your police report, courtesy Taking Down Words:


In case you can't quite make that out, it alledges that Mr. Murphy and his young friend crashed at the victim's sister's house on her advice following a Young Republican party, because they were far too wasted to make it home. Murphy and the victim got into bunk beds, and at quarter to seven a.m. the kid awoke to Murphy "doing things to his penis." Sucking it, specifically. With his mouth.

The Young Republicans have already stripped dear Mr. Murphy from their website, following the "oh hey I got a new job and they say I can't be a young republican anymore k bye" email he sent them shortly before the police report was posted online, but no one can hide from Google and their caching robots.

It is Mr. Murphy's position, according to his lawyer, that "what occurred, occurred between two consenting adults," one of whom just happened to be asleep at the time. This is at least a better defense than the other one he was considering, that he was terrified into preforming the blowjob because the sleeping victim was scary and black.

Oh, by the way, Glenn was charged with Sexual Battery for doing this exact same thing in 1998 (this victim's girlfriend was in the same room!). So he was, of course, the natural choice to head the Young Republicans.

"I will essentially be the mouthpiece and effective leader for the tens of thousands of Young Republicans, 18 to 40, across the country," Murphy told the Jeffersonville News and Tribune last month. He would be the mouthpiece and they would be the throbbing young irresistible cockpiece.

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