Indians Taking Our Jobs, Mimicking Our Obesity

I had a job like this once. It sucked.Those damn call center employees in India aren't just taking away the livelihoods of dozens of flat-voiced Nebraskans away by working for pennies and successfully imitating our accents so callers don't know that they're Indian, they're successfully mimicking American obesity! The Washington Postreports this morning to millions of cookie- and pie-addled readers that Americans aren't alone in our cheerful and unhealthy fatness anymore, now that Indians sit around all day on their butts in front of their computers talking to us.

Unsurprisingly, sitting on your ass in front of a computer and talking on the telephone is bad for you, especially if you eat shitty food all day! And Indians who work in call centers taking shit all day from pissed off Americans are learning that eating McDonalds and pastries and then going home and watching TV can help make you fat and precipitate illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and depression (and not just because you're fat, either).

Indian Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss wants to use the power vested in his office to force IT workers in India to be more healthy, as though any of the various things our country has done to try to convince us that healthy lifestyles are better have worked at all. Naturally, there's a huge uproar in India over the government trying to make people be less fat because it's all about personal choice, man. I mean, it may be a $200 billion productivity loss to India, but imagine the savings in health care costs if everyone pops off from heart attacks! That's thinking ahead, Ramadoss.

Indians Trade Health for Jobs [Washington Post]


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