Informal Remarks To House Judiciary Committee Prove Karl Rove Read Wonkette At Least Once In 2006!


Many moons ago, when your Wonkette was edited by a fresh-faced young lad namedDavid Lat, a contest was held to determine the very hottest White House Hottie of all. And some gal named Taylor Hughes, who had been photographed having outdoor hand sex with Karl Rove, was crowned the winner in the female division.

Which was cute and doubtless flattering to Ms. Hughes, to have this honor bestowed upon her by the greasy-faced hangnailed troglodytes who read the Wonkette while fantasizing about someday making love to a non-inflatable woman. But who knew that this admittedly minor event would eventually end up in the Congressional record?

Thank you to a highly placed and extremely influential government source for pointing us to this important bit of history. That person has been granted permanent anonymity and 4,000 acres of land in Paraguay directly adjacent to the Bush family compound.

Unofficial Transcript: Interview of Karl C. Rove, Tuesday, July 7, 2009, Washington, D.C.


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