Infowars' DeAnna Lorraine Wants Trump To Challenge Biden To A 'Rally-Off'

Infowars' DeAnna Lorraine Wants Trump To Challenge Biden To A 'Rally-Off'

Thunder Road scene from Grease, and yes I realize the one from Rebel Without a Cause is more iconic but I couldn't get a good screencap.

One of the things Trumpists keep harping on as some kind of "proof" that Trump couldn't possibly have lost the election are the fact that he had many large, well-attended rallies and, in contrast, Joe Biden did not. They keep showing these contrasting pictures of Trump's large audiences with his supporters all maskless and smushed together and Biden's socially distanced gatherings and going "How can this be!?!?!"

The answer, of course, is simple. There's a pandemic happening and only really, really stupid people are going to any kind of rallies right now, and it just so happens that really, really stupid people are Trump's primary demographic. They also happen to be the only people who really care about rallies and how many people attend them.

Infowars correspondent/QAnon lady DeAnna Lorraine very firmly believes that Trump actually did win the election and that part of the reason we know this was because of how big his rallies were. In a rant this week, she suggested that he just keep holding rallies as if he won the election and that — to settle this election once and for all (the election is very much settled) he challenge Joe Biden to a rally-off. That way, she explains, he can prove that all of Biden's voters were ghost voters.

Well, either that or they people who didn't want to get sick or make someone else sick.

She said, while wearing what appeared to be some kind of Sailor Moon outfit:

I want Trump to start doing his rallies again. I want him to get that winning mindset too, that he teaches all of us to have. That he's been a champion of. I want him to get in that winning spirit again, "Go do your rallies as if you've already won, because you have, we know you've won! Go around the freaking country, go to the battleground states and get those hundreds of thousands of people that voted for you in those states and counties to show up in real life. And challenge Biden to do the same."

I would say "Hey Biden, if you really are feeling confident that you won this county, that you won this district — I challenge you to a rally off! I challenge you! I'm gonna throw a rally and you throw a rally in the same district on the same day, and let's see your hundreds of thousands of voters that supposedly voted for you. Let's see them! Let's see them! I wanna see them!"

Guarantee you these people won't show up, because they're ghost voters. They did not vote. They're fake votes.
But I think he should start getting into the rally mode again, the campaign mode again, and challenging Biden to show — if he really had these 80 million votes — where are these people?

Is it terrible that I kind of love her? Because I do. I want her to be a fictional character (played by Kathryn Hahn, I think) and I want this to be a hilarious TV show or mockumentary, because I would absolutely watch the shit out of it if it were. She's incredible and it breaks my heart that this is not actual, on-purpose comedy. The gesticulations alone.

I would also very much like Donald Trump to challenge Joe Biden to a rally-off, because it really would be such a weird and pathetic thing to do and therefore it would be extremely entertaining now that Trump is on the verge of being of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. Just him, sadly howling that he got a real big turnout at his rally and therefore gets to be president for life as they haul him out the front door of the White House all Norma Desmond like.

Anyway! This is now your open thread! Talk amongst yourselves.

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