Infowars Hit By Credit-Card-Stealing Malware, Are Gay Frogs To Blame?

Infowars Hit By Credit-Card-Stealing Malware, Are Gay Frogs To Blame?

While it may seem that Alex Jones's primary vocation is convincing gullible morons that juice boxes are turning their kids gay, his real money is made in convincing said gullible morons to buy a ton of snake-oil supplements with pretty much nothing in them -- except, on occasion, some lead. It is quite the racket.

This week, Dutch security researcher Willem de Groot, who monitors a variety of sites to check for infections, discovered that Jones's flagship site Infowars had been infected with a strain of malware called Magecart, which is capable of secretly recording credit card information. In an interview with ZDNet, de Groot explained that the malware was active for 24 hours prior to discovery. Alex Jones told the site that this "only" affected around 1600 customers. I will give you a moment to process the depressing fact that 1600 people were stupid enough to buy Alex Jones' crappy snake oil supplements.

One of them may even be Laura Loomer!

While several companies have been infected by similar malware as of late, Alex Jones is convinced that this is not any ordinary malware infection but (*extremely Oprah voice*) wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiit -- A CONSPIRACY! A conspiracy perpetrated by the Democratic Party and the Chinese and The Liberal Media and Antifa and probably the gay frogs. Also Queen Elizabeth, the ghost of Colonel Sanders, the illuminati and the parents of children who died in school shootings.

Here is his full statement to ZDNet. I highlighted all the extra crazy parts for your convenience:

This criminal hack is an act of industrial and political sabotage. The corporate press is claiming that a Magento plugin to the shopping cart was the point of entry, but that is not true. has never installed that plugin. We use some of the top internet security companies in the nation and they have reported to us that this is a zero-day hack probably carried out by leftist stay behind networks hiding inside US intelligence agencies.

Magento's top security people have done a site-wide scan and found no security vulnerabilities. And we believe security features we will not mention, appear to have blocked them from getting anyone's credit card numbers.

The hack took place less than 24 hours ago; it is undoubtedly the hacker or hacker group that then reported this to the establishment corporate press in an attempt to scare business away from

Only 1600 customers may have been affected. Most of those were re-orders so their information would not be accessible. Nevertheless, our customer-supporter base is being contacted so they can watch for any unusual charges to their account and rectify them.

Bottom line: this latest action is a concerted effort to de-platform Infowars by big tech, the communist Chinese, and the Democratic party who have been publicly working and lobbying to wipe Infowars from the face of the earth.

In summation, America is under attack by globalist forces and anyone standing up for our republic will be attacked mercilessly by the corporate press, Antifa and rogue intelligence operatives. Infowars will never surrender!

You know what? I really want to see that meeting. In fact, I feel like I should have been invited to that meeting. Just Antifa, rogue intelligence operatives, the corporate press, communist China, big tech, rogue intelligence operatives and the Democratic Party all sitting down at a table over coffee somewhere in Bohemian Grove (or the Denver airport!) talking about how to take down Infowars, and what they come up with is ... infecting the site with credit card stealing malware for 24 hours and then notifying ZDNet about it. I don't know about you, but I would think that such a meeting of the minds would come up with something more than that. Maybe an exploding cigar? Clearly, we are not very good at conspiring.


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