Infowars' Millie Weaver Arrested For Robbery, Domestic Violence — Not For Intrepid Journalism

Infowars' Millie Weaver Arrested For Robbery, Domestic Violence — Not For Intrepid Journalism

Infowars correspondent Millicent "Millennial Millie" Weaver was arrested yesterday at her home in the unincorporated community of Diamond, Ohio. Weaver filmed the arrest, during which she claimed that she had no understanding of why she was being arrested and suggested that the arrest had something to do with some very serious journalism she was about to do that day.

"I'm literally about to break huge breaking news right now, and I'm being arrested and I have no idea why," Weaver told her phone camera, while wearing a "Free Loomer" shirt. This of course refers to Laura Loomer who is not so much "in jail" as she is "banned from Twitter for being a gross bigot"

Millie Weaver arrested [FULL VIDEO] Cops Claiming a "grand jury has indicted her."

Immediately, Weaver's supporters began claiming on Twitter and elsewhere that the reason she was being arrested was to prevent her "documentary" Shadow Gate from being released that day. Alas, the Portage County Sheriff's Department failed in their nefarious plot and the movie was still released on YouTube. Foiled again!

Behold, the extremely stupid looking trailer.

The story most of them decided to go with was that, in the process of doing very important journalism to expose the "deep state" and their attempted coups of the Trump administration, Weaver had stolen some "leaked government documents" and was arrested for doing whistleblowing on them.

According to Weaver's boss, Alex Jones, Weaver had all of Hillary Clinton's emails, proof that the riots in Milwaukee were "planned ahead of time" to make Donald Trump look bad, and also proof that Barack Obama is still personally in control of all of the journalism in the country except for Infowars and uses the CIA, which he is apparently also still in control of, to do this. Jones says that he himself has been approached by these CIA fellas but that he said no thank you.

This all sounds just incredibly plausible, but according to the Portage County Jail official Wonkette spoke to on the phone this morning, Weaver is in fact in jail and was arrested not for doing intrepid journalism or "for obtaining leaked government documents," but rather on charges of robbery, tampering with evidence, domestic violence and obstruction of justice, with a warrant issued by Judge Becky Doherty. The only charge mentioned in the video was robbery. Weaver's partner, Gavin Wince, was also taken into custody.

The administrator we spoke to also said that the crimes they are accused of have nothing to do with "government papers" or with exposing the deep state or with Hillary Clinton's emails. It is unclear how a charge of domestic violence would even fit into such a scenario.

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