'Inner City Maggots Will Murder One Another Over a Slice of Bread'


This isn't technically an "email," but a comment left on your editor'snew AOL column -- we know, we know, fish in a barrel, etc. But it is just too good to sit unnoticed between another hundred dumb comments, so let's enjoy the financial wisdom and cheery electoral predictions from "Simon."

Watch Investors sell off their holdings based on the fear of a possible Obama win.

Obama will bring the worst financial crisis and depression of all time. The recent 700 billion dollar bailout is babyshit compared to what would follow an Obama win.

Obama voters need not look for help from businesses because most will close if Obama wins.

Inner City maggots will murder one another over a slice bread. The hills will be a war zone filled with survivalists fighting over dead deer carcasses. The average person will be a caveman in less than 12 months.

Please do not worry because Obama will start World War III and most of you will be a lump of smoldering charcoal. The perfect end to this will be all those Obama supporters burning in Hell for all eternity for supporting abortion.

Have nice day.

You too, wingnut! See you in Hell!

And here's something quaint from a retarded woman called "Sue":

The TERRORIST Couldn't start war in the United States by attacking New York and DC, So now they are starting a war here by attacking us through our own party. The Democrat party has been over taken by TERRORIST! They are taken over our Country through our own Goverment!

America is being fooled! And now you want to elect the party that started the wall street crash! The Democrats knew that Bush would take the blame for it.

Please God Help us here in the United States, before we are not United any more, before we loose everything we have believed in and fought for and stood for. We need you Our Heavenly Father to open our eyes and our hearts to the truth! and Please God Please bless America again.

Sorry, Sue. God hates the Dumb.


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