Insane J.D. Hayworth Ad Quotes John McCain Saying He Lies, Seems To Want To Put McCain In Death Camp


[youtube expand=1]

Yes, let us put these clips of John McCain in barbed wire so they can't get to us and hurt us. And amnesty=people walking with bookbags in the desert? This is confusing, but thankfully J.D. Hayworth "approves this ad because" he "will never vote for amnesty." Wait, what?

No, that is not a reason to approve this ad. The existence of this ad does not change whether or not you will vote for amnesty.

Using a funny soundbite of Walnuts saying he "chose lying" and having an angry announcer guy shout things about John McCain like it's a Slim-Jim commercial, though, that is a good reason.

Oh, poor John McCain, J.D. Hayworth is going to wrap your frail little body into barbed wire and ship you back to that Vietnam POW camp. Why didn't you just retire, Walnuts? [YouTube]


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