Inside the Bubble: All Cable Edition

Have you missed Bill Hemmer and his cute non-prescription spectacles? They'll be on Fox Monday around noon. Also: cable news bloggers have their claws out. . . for each other! [ICN and TVNewser]

Aaron Brown rumored to be on the outs at CNN; Klein's deft touch at work again? [The Cable Game]

Advice to the young newsreader: "Gaining trust takes a lot more than leaning back during the closing credits and smoking a pipe." [TVSpy]

Jon Stewart on the "Crossfire" clip: "It was definitely viral. I felt nauseous afterward." [Wired]

Is there such a thing as news junkie fan fiction? If it does exist, there is a soundtrack: "Does anyone know of any good, downloadable news music done by fans / amateur musicians? Fan music can sometimes be surprisingly good, so I'm curious if anyone has attempted to compose news themes..." [TVNewsTalk]


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