Inside the Bubble: Blog the Puppies

Salon discovers the hottest new thing on the internet: BLOGS! [Daou Report]

More breaking news: "But without the campaign’s constant political fodder, 'The Note' has devolved into a daily caricature of itself. Click on it today and it opens with a series of questions and navel-gazing comments, followed by a list of links and schedules." Devolved? [Washingtonian]

Jon Klein's reign of terror: "The old CNN is [esteemed political anchor] Judy Woodruff...The new CNN is Nancy Grace." [Newsweek]

Drudge says stay awhile. [Gawker]

Shep Smith comes down squarely on the pro-puppy side of the fence: "It won't kill us to give 20 seconds of cute dogs," he says. [WP]


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