New programming at CNN: "Get ready for Anderson Cooper 360 Full Monte, a panoramic view of the Mini Cooper, if you catch my drift." [Mr. Sun]

Best. Correction. Ever. "An article last Sunday about shifting standards for the use of profanity misspelled the surname of the bartender in the television series 'The Simpsons.' He is Moe Szyslak, not Syzlak." [NYT via TMFTML]

Rick Kaplan pulling Novaks all over MSNBC; tipster says he's "childish, embarrassing, and insane." [TVNewser]

Speaking of Novak, Sid Blumenthal opines: "He had worked and badgered and bullied his way to the top of the greasy pole." Mmmm... greasy pole... [Salon]

Sorry. Get that bad taste out of your mouth and donate in Jennings memory. Except, really, in his honor? We want the only thing you smoke to be poles. [ABCNews]


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