Inside the Bubble: Day Late, Dollar Short Edition

Henry the Intern reviews Tucker's "Situation," finds reasons to change the channel: "These were actual subject lines: Oscar; verdict; the draft; dropout; porn suit; speed; park lady; shock; baby bully; toast; Aguilera; nude bits; v.i.p. digits. That’s about as tempting as 'Pyramid with Donny Osmond.'" [Gawker]

Cheney gives out Excellence in Journalism awards... just not to anyone we know: "When asked how this administration defines 'excellence in journalism,' Cheney quipped, 'I'll know it when I see it.'" [Fishbowl DC]

Talkers magazine can't get Al Franken to shut up: "It's freedom of speech," replied Franken, referring to the Freedom of Speech Award he'd just been given by the magazine. "It's not freedom to kill everybody's evening," Harrison shot back. [NYPost via Malkin]

Olbermann returns to ESPN but isn't leaving "Countdown." [MSNBC]

Blogger loves to hear self talk. [IT Conversations] Alot. [The Antic Muse]


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