Inside the Bubble: Job Changes Editon

Hemmer said to see WH correspondent job as "demotion." (Thank you, John King.) CNN said to see putting a newsreader there as simply an admission of defeat. [WP]

Speaking of, people who keep insisting that Norah O'Donnell's move away from NBC WHC to MSNBC "Washington correspondent" is a promotion are even more distracted by Norah's ass than she is. [NBC Universal]

Yet more demotions: Scott McClellan appoints self editor of "Newsweek." [CNN]

Jim Lehrer promises "unshirted hell" against those meddling with "The News Hour," NRO Corner reader responds with unexpected sensitivity: "If there's one thing left and right can agree upon, it's that nobody wants to see Jim Lehrer with his shirt off." [The Corner]


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