Inside the Bubble: Mistaken Edition

MPAA names DC headquarters after Jack Valenti, who acknowledged the occasion by "scrawling his name on the building’s cornerstone in the blood of a freshly-slaughtered fourteen-year-old who’d illegally downloaded a bootlegged copy of Batman Begins." [Defamer]

How Deep Throat missed deep pockets: "Newspapers and magazines usually won't pay sources for stories, and they won't pay writers huge amounts of money for articles. The media cite ethics for the first objection and budgets for the second. Whatever the reasons, the print media are notoriously cheap." [BusinessWeek]

Dan Abrams's haircut is registered deadly weapon. [FishbowlNY]

WP mishap says Rehnquist "Dies/Retires," an economic headline that says a lot of about the need for Social Security reform. [FishbowlDC]


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