Inside the Bubble: Moral Dimensions

Lack of bias for thee but not for me: Washington Times reporter (and Christian) Bill Sammon believes "Most stories...have a moral dimension, and ignoring that dimension misrepresents the news." [Christian Examiner via Romenesko]

CNN lost viewers under Jon Klein. You know what this means: MORE COOPER. [TVNewser]

ABC-purchased Grand Theft Auto changes Jake Tapper's life, providing street cred and razor sharp instincts to hide when the scent of pigs is in the air. [Down and Dirty via FishbowlDC]

NBC names new news division prez... and they're going to look into this whole "news on the web" thing. Also CBS Evening News gets a producer. Is that still on? [NYT, AP]

Bizarre disappearing John Huey mugs. [Gawker]


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