Inside the Mind of Nader

Explaining Ralph Nader's rationale:

    If you awoke one morning, stepped out your door, and promptly stepped on your family's treasured puppy, you'd have two choices. You could retreat inside and never venture out again, branding yourself "the puppy squasher," someone who couldn't be trusted not to destroy all that is beautiful in the world with your monstrous feet. Or you could get right back out there again, figuring that accidents happen, nobody could've predicted the future, there were all kinds of other factors involved, and etc. The latter is the common rationale for survival; it explains how people who run over other people with their cars can still be out on the roads, how teachers who preside over cacophonous and failing classes can return each September carrying last year's lesson plan, how surgeons who inadvertently slice major arteries can pick up their scalpels the next day, and how Red Sox owner John Henry can still be out there trying to assemble a winner. Some things are too horrifying to take responsibility for.

Unsafe at Any Speed (or The Return of Darth Nader) [Fanatical Apathy]


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