Inside the Monster's Lair: Cheney Residence Fotos!

With all the intrigue bubbling up around Cheney's Official Residence, you've surely wondered what it looks like inside the evildoer's lair. Is it filled with comical Halloween fake spiderwebs and skeletons, or maybe giant 1960s "Dr. No" electronic panels and beeping devices? Probably, but the residence itself just sort of looks like a regular old white person's mansion in NW ... with creepy Official Logos carved into all the windows:

These pictures are right there on Flickr for anybody to see, but you are not allowed to see the lair from the air. Lots more foto fun, after the jump.

Just climb these ominous stairs and you just might get a lucky shot in the face from Big Time himself!

Lots of fire escapes are necessary when you're constantly burning evidence.

Do you know how many bodies an in-ground swimming pool can hold? (The poison-soaked tarp keeps vultures away.)

"Just washin' off the night's bloodstains, Sir!"

All these great pictures come from an apparent OVP staffer or intern or something. Go check 'em out before she slaps a password-protect on this gallery -- which also features candid shots of Karl Rove and Young Republicans In Love.

UPDATE, BREAKING: Damn, that was fast. The Flickr galleries have already been switched over to PRIVATE. This is the only other picture we saved -- it's got a license plate number and everything! It was titled OVP Posse, we swear to God:

Thanks to hawk-eyed commenter nicholsonde for finding the damning Flickr gallery.

VPR, Karl Rove & Nick's [Flickr]


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