Insipid Cartoon Children Have Time Travel Adventure With Ronald Reagan

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Insipid Cartoon Children Have Time Travel Adventure With Ronald Reagan

Happy Memorial Day!

We're technically not here today, but we wanted to bless you with a beautiful new open thread anyway. So I went to YouTube in search of the most ridiculous video I could find, and wouldn't you know it, I stumbled onto this extremely cringey Prager U video meant to teach the children about Ronald Reagan.

And boy is it ever a doozy.

Leo & Layla's History Adventures with President Ronald

According to this video ...

  • Reagan "starred" in over 50 movies, which is not even sort of true. Like, dude appeared in a lot of movies, largely because he spent most of his career doing B movies that were produced and distributed quickly, but "starring?" Not so much. The only "good" movie he was ever even in was Dark Victory alongside actual good actors Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart and George Brent — in which even his very small part was a blight on an otherwise perfect movie.
  • "He was in the military during WWII!" — I mean, sure, technically, but only for like three years and he never actually served abroad because he had "bad eyesight." He served in the First Motion Picture Unit, the film production unit of the Army during WWII and the "Provisional Task Force Show Unit" where he made recruiting films for the Army. Many of which he would later recall as real things that happened in his actual life.

    The most notable of these films was This Is The Army, a musical comedy film with book and music written by Irving Berlin. And like ... remember earlier this month when Ted Cruz and a bunch of other weirdos were sad because some Army recruitment video wasn't macho enough? Well, I'm just gonna leave this here.

"This Is The Army Mr. Jones" This is the Army 1943

  • "He was tooooooootally handsome" — In comparison to the chimp?
  • The Cold War was a lovely and peaceful war fought with no weapons and was ended through Reagan personally tearing down the Berlin Wall and also Reaganomics.
  • Ronald Reagan liked jelly beans. Sure. That's true. He did like jelly beans.

Oddly enough, there was no mention of naming names, the Iran Contra, not mentioning AIDS until practically the end of his administration and 90,000 people had already died, the drug war, killing unions, reliance on the advice of psychics, the savings and loan crisis, the use of racist dogwhistles like "welfare queen," HUD grant rigging, or the investigation, indictment or conviction of 138 administration officials in various scandals throughout his time in office. But hey, those are the kind of things you leave out when you're propagandizing to children.


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