Intellectual Young'un Ezra Klein Thinks World of Tim Russert [UPDATE]

ezratwitter.jpgFamous-for-DC American Prospect blogger Ezra Klein usually keeps it clean on his lefty blog, but on his Twitter micro-blogging side project account, he's just another sick fucking Wonketteer.

UPDATE: Ezra Klein responds...

"Spiky acid-tipped dick." I think I'm gonna use that one. I hope for his sake it has nothing to do with a scarring Andrew Sullivan encounter.

UPDATE: Ezra Klein e-mails back to say it was "an inside joke with friends posted without context on Wonkette, I regret that it was made public, and that, for the record, I believe Tim Russert's sex life should accord with his, and only his, preferences, whatever they may be."

He has now taken that crucial step of locking his Twitter page, where his secrets lay hidden forever...

[Ezra Klein's Twitter]


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