Interior Department Spends Entire Budget on Magic Beans

Need to teach tolerance at your workplace? Try Diversity Beans! What the hell are those, you ask? We'll let Jelly the Pan-African Bean explain:


What kind of horrible corporate hell of a workplace would order a bunch of gelatinous orbs to impart an idiotic lesson in dimestore multiculturalism? Why, your Department of the Interior, of course, who (according to an adamantly intolerant source close to a DoI employee) will soon be foisting the Diversity Bean upon employees at your expense ($6/lb of beans, $10/lesson plan, $17.50/candy jar, etc.).

We just hope they sample the "looks like a national wildlife refuge, tastes like three weeks' worth of crude oil" bean.

(Bonus alternate joke: the "looks like a real marriage" bean.)

Diversity Beans


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