Internal Paultard Chaos Erupts Over Possible Astronaut Endorsement

paularmstrong.jpgIn one of the better recent threads at Ron Paul Forums yesterday, someone floated the idea of courting Neil Armstrong's support based on a blurb from the famous astronaut's Wikipedia page: "The first man to walk on the Moon was also approached by political parties from both ends of the spectrum. Unlike former astronauts and United States Senators John Glenn and Harrison Schmitt, Armstrong has turned down all offers." Later in the thread however, Armstrong's ties with the CORPORATES are revealed -- he's a Freemason and a Skull & Bonesman, it seems, and therefore made up the moon landing!

One Paultard isn't so concerned about the evil Freemason ties, because Neil Armstrong is something of a demi-god on our earth. Come to think of it, maybe he is the one God.


OK, that works for everyone. Neil Armstrong is clean and admirable. Except for the career which was a total lie!:


I mean, can you believe this big city fairy prances around all innocent-like -- given his history of LIES?:


Nail in the coffin: Lying hoaxmaster Freemason Bonesman corporate fake astronaut fairy Neil Armstrong shall have no court with Ron Paul:


Should Neil Armstrong endorse Ron Paul? [Ron Paul Forums]


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