International Tanning Association Tilts Towards Windmills, The Sun


  • Palin opposed some bill preventing Alaskan sexual violence and then, just in keeping with tradition, fired its main proponent. [Daily Kos]
  • The powerful International Tanning Association stands by its gal Palin and decries the terrible and nonexistent "sun scare industry," which is Alaskan for "liberal MSM" or "people with skin cancer," depending on your inflection. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Palin thinks Alaska produces either 6 times or 3 times as much energy as it does, depending on if you believe she's a colossal idiot or, as her office would have you believe, half a colossal idiot. [Ezra Klein]
  • Why won't Barack Obama pose for post-coital webshots with Joe Biden? It's because he is ashamed, unlike photogenic best friends McCain and Palin. [RedState]
  • For no reason, Palin lied about some teleprompter in Ohio being broken and will now try to fire that telepromter, for working. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • According to its ex-CEO, Palin, Biden, Obama and McCain don't have what it takes to run Hewlett Packard, which is a relevant skill to practically everything. [Ben Smith]

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