Interweb Dorks Critique Our Liveblogging Skills

Gravelicious.jpgYou know, when it comes time for your Wonkette editors to do things like watch the assholes running for president play high-school debate with each other on teevee, we do our best with what's around. And, a lot of you seem pleased with the results.

But at least one critic, the not-quite-getting-the-fact-that-we-are-entirely-ecumenical-shit-talkers Wayne Madsen is having all sorts of panty-crack agita over the fact that we still haven't joined the hurtling Mike Gravel Juggernaut. Which is too bad, because we all once kept our precious little pink unicorn fantasies that the Little Guy could upend "The System"(TM) and "Change The World"(R) close to our unsullied hearts until life crushed our spirits and sent us spiralling into the cynical embrace of Gawker Media.

But in the interest of "Equal Time", here's what we apparently missed last night:

The moderators of [these] blogs...suggested that Gravel was too old and feeble but their own polls and a vast majority of their posters thought Gravel brought the house down and snatched the anti-war baton from Kucinich.

What? A house got destroyed? Gravel and Kucinich played grab-ass with a baton? And there was a snatch involved? Well in that case: MIKE GRAVEL IN 2008, bitches!


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