Introducing: Gawker Clips (Plus: Help Wanted)

clipslogo.pngOur secretive parent company, Gawker Media, knows how much you, the teeming, filthy masses, dislike content that doesn't move and make noise. So they've been working tirelessly and at the expense of solving the many glaring technical problems afflicting our site to put together a little project called Gawker Clips. What is it? Video. On the internet. And not just any video: Flash video.

"Featuring both original and recommended content" (this is our boss speaking), "Gawker Clips offers you the latest video clips from all our titles in one refreshingly context-free location!" Go. Watch. Buy. Enjoy.

And hey, do you really like video? Do you happen to make video? Because Wonkette is looking for a guerilla filmmaker (or two or three), of the reckless variety, to shoot what the kids call "viral videos" around town. You know, accosting administration officials at the Four Seasons brunch, or bumming a cigarette from John Boehner. Better ideas appreciated, of course. As long as they're short and entertaining. You supply the DV camera, we supply some ridiculously small payment and something to add to your video resume.

Interested? Email us with the subject line "Video," a little bit about yourself, and your most brilliant ideas for potential clips. No resumes, no attachments.

Gawker Clips


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