Introducing The Weekend Stock Photo Report, A Video Thing From Yr Beloved Wonkette

Here at yr Wonkette, we're always brainstorming new ways to amuse and confound you. In that spirit, we are proud to offer this thing! It is called The Weekend Stock Photo Report With Weekend S. Photo! It is kind of a video slide show of funny pictures that we are definitely allowed to use, and a voice-over that says funny things about the politics, and boy aren't you a lucky duckie, huh?

We will do one of these every weekend for you if you like it enough to justify the damage that spending most of the day making them does to our interpersonal relationships.

In this installment, Mike Pence invents Pravda, Rand Paul gets tough on robots, Mitt Romney gives up the ghost, and Loretta Lynch is in for a real treat.

Happy Sunday! Go footballs!


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