Iowa GOP Will Impeach Obama, For Accepting Nobel Prize


There has only been one president in American History who was clearly headed for impeachment and conviction and removal from office: Richard Nixon, the worst crook to ever slither inside the White House. Even four decades later -- and after many of his loathsome henchmen went on to scheme and manipulate within anotherfour Republican administrations -- Nixon is both the very low standard America has set for Criminal Presidents and the only example, ever, of presidents so guilty that they'll actually resign rather than face justice. And that's why (?) Republicans have, ever since, spent all their time trying to make up some reason why a Democratic president should be impeached. For example, did you know Barack Obama must be impeached because, uh, the Iowa Republican Party wants to "change" the 13th Amendment.

Ha ha, you are probably thinking, "Oh jesus christ they want to make slavery legal again, and then impeach Obama for being a runaway slave?"

Not exactly, but still pretty close on the Craz-E-Meter.

The Iowa GOP is not trying to overturn this amendment to reinstate slavery. Instead, it wants to reintroduce the “original 13th Amendment” first offered by senator Phillip Reed of Maryland in 1810. The amendment states that “if any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honor” from a “foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen” and “shall be incapable of holding any office of trust.”

And then, after the very simple process of removing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution and then replacing it with an 1865 draft of that amendment, Barack Obama can be impeached for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. [Think Progress]


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