Iowans Not Going To Be Able To Overturn Gay Marriage For Years


Iowa decided to "resume the hate" on Tuesday and kick out the state supreme court judges who ruled that gay marriage was legal. But wait, not so fast:

Despite sweeping GOP gains in Iowa government Tuesday, one Democratic senator will thwart efforts to allow Iowans a vote on gay marriage. [...]

Senate Democrats will maintain at least equal power — which will give Majority Leader Mike Gronstal authority to prevent a vote on a marriage amendment to the state constitution.

Boom. Take that, Iowa gay-haters who will probably all die of old age before the next election.

But even if the vote did pass, the earliest an amendment could be passed in referendum would be after 2013. So Iowa will just have to suffer the gays getting married for a while:

The overwhelming majority of Iowans — 92 percent — also said gay marriage had brought no real change to their lives.

[Des Moines Register]


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