Iran Protests Go Crazy (Somewhere John Bolton Is Planning To Nuke Iran)

Iran Protests Go Crazy (Somewhere John Bolton Is Planning To Nuke Iran)

Whoa, guess where thelatest Muslim-land protests are happening? Iran! A funny thing is how Iran's religious-fanatic leadership first praised the Egyptian revolution (which has been officially been named the January 25 Revolution, which like all date-based revolution names will never be used outside of the country in question), because maybe Egypt would become a theocracy and mercilessly prosecute errant hikers, so hooray? But then it turned out that the Egyptian revolution was pretty much a "college graduates pissed off because life is hard and meaningless" revolution, and that is not looking good for the ayatollahs -- who, like all professional frauds, teach that you must put up with endless crap in "this life" so that later, in space, long after you are dead and gone forever, you will have sexytime in paradise and drink so much "clear wine." Anyway, things are getting crazy in Tehran!

BBC reports:

Iranian police have fired tear gas at opposition demonstrators gathering in central Tehran in support of the protests in Egypt.

A BBC producer in the Iranian capital, who was affected by the gas, described central Tehran as "total chaos".

He said "severe clashes" were taking place between protesters and police and there had been many arrests.

Here's a Facebook video:

That was copied to Al Jazeera, which has this to say:

Thousands are demonstrators were marching on Monday on Enghelab and Azadi streets (which connect, creating a straight path through the centre of the city), with a heavy presence in Enghelab Square and Vali-Asr Street, according to these reports.

Several clashes have been reported on Twitter, the micro-blogging site, with claims of some demonstrators being teargassed and others beaten and arrested.

Al Jazeera's Dorsa Jabbari, in Tehran, confirmed reports that security forces used tear gas and pepper spray against the protesters and even baton-charged them. She said up to 10,000 security forces had been deployed to prevent protesters from gathering at Azadi Square, where the marches, originating from various points in Tehran, were expected to converge.

Chaos continues in Yemen and Algeria and (again) in Egypt, where fresh protests broke out over lousy pay for state employees.


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