Iranian Hardliners Ain't Gonna Drink Your Bullshit Milkshake

They have a way with words and graphic design. (Getty)

Metaphor of the day, courtesy the BBC/PRI's "The World" and the good people of Iran.

But many hard line Iranian newspapers denounced the talks in editorials. One conservative daily compared the West's package of incentives with 'a frozen soup containing mice excrement that has spoiled the whole soup.'

Says the tipster who sent that in: "Why can't John Bolton mix in a few phrases like that? Why not call Malloch Brown's speech 'an owlshit daiquiri' instead of boring us all by calling it a 'very, very grave mistake'?"

We agree wholeheartedly, and look forward to the DCCC comparing Bush's agenda to "a new DVD that has been swabbed with a Q-tip contaminated with herpes, thus rendering the DVD not only medically dangerous, but also unplayable in most domestic DVD players."

The World [Audio file, quoted portion at about 1:19]


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