Iran's QUDS FORCE Revealed!

At the President's Wednesday press conference, his insistance that the Iranian government was totally 100% maybe sorta certainly probably kinda behind recent attacks against US troops in Iraq was predicated on an almost ritualistic invocation of something called the "KUTS FORCE." Newsweek today finally explains what the hell he was talking about.

The Quds Force was created by the IRGC--the powerful institution created to defend Iran's 1979 Islamist revolution--toward the end of the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. Its purpose: to conduct operations inside Iraqi territory, especially the Kurdish region that operated somewhat autonomously from Saddam Hussein's government.

And they've stuck around since then, helping the Kurds and the Northern Alliance (hey, we liked those guys too!). Here are a couple of the problems with blaming the Iranian government for QUDS FORCE ACTIONS within Iraq:

* Our intelligence sucks.

* The US-backed Iraq government keeps inviting QUDS FORCE officials into Iraq to buy weapons from them.

* QUDS FORCE AGENTS have a history of freelancing without government knowledge or approval.

* Remember how the writing on the SMOKING GUN QUDS FORCE MORTAR SHELLS from that power-point presentation was all in English, not Farsi? The dates were also written with the month first -- the way dates are written in America, and almost nowhere else.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that any government that controls something as awesomely named as THE QUDS FORCE must be stopped before their Decepticons return from Chaar and take over Cybertron Iraq once and for all.

The New Enemy? [Newsweek]


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