So we've been thinking Spring Break '08 is def. def. def. Korea, but what about '09? Where can we go with sand, sun, and an indefinite US military commitment? Why, Iraq, of course! Looks like Spring Break is saved, thanks to the Pentagon -- again!

According to a "classified plan," also known as "the surge," security will be "restored" in 2008, and "sustainable security" is set for a Summer '09 launch. Which Democrats will all be thrilled by because as long as we keep losing the war, they all look marginally competent for the first time since Truman.

The plan itself was written by the Joint Campaign Redesign Team, because like a Gawker Media Redesign, it looks sleek, effective, and functional to the commanders, and it will fall apart completely when it's implemented in the field.

U.S. Is Seen in Iraq Until At Least '09 [NYT]


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