Iraq? Haven't Thought About That In Years

smokeWith so much other bullshit to spew, who has time to talk about Iraq anymore? Not the Democrats running for president, notesNew York Daily News, and they're right. Iraq has all but disappeared from the campaign trail, and from news coverage as well. Obviously this is because things are going so well in Iraq that people aren't worried about it anymore, and not because the public has given up hope that the idiots who started the war will actually end it too. Last time we voted pretty much only on this issue and learned an important lesson: elections are, in fact, completely irrelevant to the course of the war. Still, how is the diminished importance of Iraq affecting the libtard America-hating Democratic field?

The effects are crystal clear: less concern over the Iraq war is good for Hillary. And also for Obama. "You could argue it either way," says communications strategist Howard Wolfson.

So our rule gets a corollary that makes perfect sense: Iraq is completely irrelevant to the course of our elections. It's great when things wrap up so neatly.

Dem voters no longer fight the battle of Iraq [New York Daily News]


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