Iraq Prime Minister's Plea: Please Don't Kill Me

Earlier this week, Bush began to set into motion the government's eventual tacitly-approved/sponsored coup against Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in an interview in which he blamed him for everything. Maliki responded today to a group of foreign journalists, to whom he suggested that Bush was pressured into it by public disapproval.

"I know President Bush, and I know him as a strong person that does not get affected by the media pressure," he said. "But it seems that the pressure has ... led to the president giving this statement."

Strong words, except that then Maliki caved to the Americans by promising he'd made strides "fighting" al-Sadr's Shiite Mahdi Army, whose approval al-Maliki needs to stay in some semblance of power. He's gonna have such a great 2007!

Iraqi Officials Stress Their Achievements [SFBC]

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In which the Unite The Right organizer's dad tells him to get out of his room.


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