Iraq Still Adorably Pretending to Have Sovereignty

Now Iraq wants to kick out all the "security" contractors! This could a problem, because they operate totally outside any and all laws oh and also we need them to keep running things there as we pretend to withdraw American forces. But Maliki's government has banned Blackwater from working in Iraq and they're investigating the deaths of all those civilians who accidentally got killed by people who or may not have been Blackwater employees. Of course, our contractors are immune from Iraqi prosecution but they can investigate all they like. What's that got to do with Mitt Romney, you're not asking? Good question!

Mitt Romney today tapped a former CIA official, who is now a top officer in a private security firm with widespread operations in Iraq, to head his counterterrorism policy advisory group.

That former CIA official? Cofer Black -- like Blackwater, the company he vice-chairs!

So we can all feel confident that Mitt will continue the administration's current counterterrorism strategy of shooting suspicious-looking dudes on sight there so we don't have to shoot them on sight here.

Iraq to Review All Security Contracts [NYT]

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Iraq Still Adorably Pretending to Have Sovereignt


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