Iraq Study Panel to Recommend 50 Great Tips for Perfect Hair

Having solved that messy little war problem, the Iraq Study Group is moving on to a more pressing issue: how to dress for success.

According to Dana Milbank, James Baker, our favorite Bush Family Fixer, and Lee Hamilton, Professional Toothless Demonstration of Bipartisanship (available for your next public investigation designed to lead nowhere) will celebrate the successful completion of their book report with a photoshoot for Men's Vogue, the magazine that is gayer than GQ, but less gay than Details.

Vernon Jordan and Ed Meese were said to be negotiating a deal with People for exclusive photos of their Dubai wedding.

Meanwhile, the President has already announced his intention to ignore their advice, even though the group made sure to phrase their advice in a way that would make it easy for the President to just keep doing what he's doing until he feels like stopping and still claim to be following their "recommendations."

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