Iraq War Totally Worth Its New Six-Trillion-Dollar Price Tag

Iraq War Totally Worth Its New Six-Trillion-Dollar Price Tag

Good news everyone! We have received an invoice for the Iraq war and it is only going to cost us around $6 trillion American dollars. Now, this may SOUND like a high price tag, but let's keep it in perspective by remembering that we liberated the Iraqis using freedom bombs, and the cost of that is pretty much priceless. We also liberated the Iraqis fromelectricity, water, and antiquities, so looks like we've done a pretty good job, amiright?

The Iraq war has cost the U.S. more than $2 trillion so far and with interest could swell to more than $6 trillion, according to a study released Thursday.

See? What a deal! Freedom, water, and antiquities for the low low price tag of $6 trillion dollars. Did we also mention that over a hundred thousand people died and almost a million more were displaced? Did we also also mention that there may be around 16,000 people held in secret prisons and the female relatives of politically active men are routinely imprisoned and tortured or, at the very least, threatened with rape?

The war's direct death toll is estimated to be more than 189,000, including at least 134,000 Iraqi civilians (some from chemical weapons). The authors of this study note that indirect deaths — due to war related hardship — may total "hundreds of thousands more than this estimate."

The obscene flow of money, violence, and consequent sectarian strife are still common in the country. Seventeen people were killed today in a Baghdad bombing, just five days short of the decade anniversary of the invasion.

Now why WOULDN'T Iran be ecstatic that we might be planning to send over our freedom bombs? The Iraq War looks like the very picture of success! Anyway, don't worry about the $6 trillion, maybe we can fund it using a Kickstarter.

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