Iraqis to Work, Entire Kristol Family to Kill Selves

Iraq Works! - WonketteThe war in Iraq is still winnable, says the Bush Administration. The movers and shakers are all in Crawford, Texas winning it right this second, in fact. But we need new, bold ideas from our new, bold Defense Secretary, Robert Gates. Let's hear one of those ideas:

One idea that has been picking up steam in recent weeks is a new jobs plan as officials push to open as many as 10 state-owned factories around Iraq by the end of January. Commanders believe putting young Iraqi men to work could make a serious dent in sectarian violence, and an official familiar with the program said Gates plans to brief the president on it.

Y'know, we kinda like this one! Putting Iraqis to work! In state-owned factories! Iraqis don't need more violence and sectarianism. No, what they need is a "new deal" of sorts in order to create a "great society."

This is an even greater betrayal of the neo-con dream than an abrupt pull-out would be, so we're pretty into it.

Bush and Security Advisers to Meet Today on Iraq Strategy [WP]


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