Irene Tragically Spares U.S. Capitol, White House, Pentagon & Wall Street (VIDEO)


'Looks poor down there.'While regular people are suffering through power outages, severe flooding, wind damage and a shutdown of public transportation along the whole Eastern Seaboard, reports on Sunday indicate that the The Devil spared his main temples on Earth, from His graven image of a golden bull outside His banks on Wall Street to the unholy trinity of the Capitol, Pentagon and White House in Washington. At least Home Depot and Lowe's and WalMart made a lot of money price gouging poor people on crappy 50-cent flashlights! But let's come together as a nation now (?) and enjoy this Children's Treasury of YouTube Home Video from Irene Attacking Washington, D.C.

The videographer likely did not survive this tempest.

Authorities are still seeking a missing pool skimmer. (It's under that bush on the right. No, over there, under the bush. Jesus .... )

And here's a local teevee reporter standing there smiling while he is sprayed and covered with toxic sewage sea foam. Watch as the anchors back in the studio tell him to eat it, for laffs. Never forget!


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