Irrelevance Quarterfinals Begin: It's Browne vs. McCain and Wieseltier vs. Reagan


  • North Korea is launching a space rocket into Earth's orbit, which is a known US territory. It's... not going to like what it sees. [Daily Beast]
  • John McCain and Jackson Browne continue to sue each with abandon over the pressing legal issue of when it's okay to play "Running on Empty." (Jurisprudence spoiler alert!: never.) [The Caucus]
  • HERE, the most radical Marxist subset of spatially-concerned ACORNS, is folding in on itself in an abyss of corruption, as demonstrated by its use of a gritty font in its socialist agitprop. [Ben Smith]
  • Disgusting fan-fiction coming out of DC today, as Washington's most homosexual fat cats fantasize about what they'd most like to hear Barry to scream at them during sex. [Politico]
  • Ha ha someone (Jesus) forced Leon Wieseltier to sort of arguably and incidentally go back on calling Ronald Reagan a "fool", which was a popular put down back when Wieseltier was in a position to throw insults, in the 80s. Winner, as always: The Corner. [The Corner]

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