Irresponsible Tim Johnson Rumormongering

A source close to the Johnson family told us this little tale last night.

Senator Tim Johnson, still recovering from the thing that Nate had in Six Feet Under, is sick of being a Senator. Johnson is planning on retiring from Congress at the soonest possible opportunity, but there's one catch. If Johnson leaves the Senate, it's the responsibility of South Dakota's governor to choose his replacement for the next couple years. Governor Michael Rounds is, of course, a Republican. And while the Democrats were smart enough to ensure control of Senate committees even if they lose the majority, Johnson doesn't want to be the guy who lost them the majority.

So -- Johnson's retirement is predicated on Gov. Rounds' appointment of Johnson's personal choice of replacements. That choice, currently, is Tom Daschle. In other words, it's a complete stalemate.

The '90s are BACK!


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