Irresponsible Uninformed Speculation: OMG SEXIEST CABINET SECRETARY EVER

Oh yeah, secure my homeland, baby

So, we have no inside scuttlebutt that this is really happening or anything (and no, reading it on the Politico in no way counts as "inside scuttlebutt") but the Politico says that Wonkette's long-standing executive branch crush Fran Townsend might soon be "elevated to cabinet status," if you know what we mean. Supposedly, in the coming rearranging-the-deck-chairs-on-the-Titanic shakeup that's about to hit the Bush Administration, Fran is in line either to get the Attorney General job, or to take over Homeland Security when Skeletor Chertoff moves over to AG. So look for either orders for the firing of US attorneys for political reasons or new pointless travel regulations involving liquids and gels to be issues with a steely and patrician but still feminine and sexy grace and class.

Um, we guess it's worth mentioning that Gonzales is assumed to be toast in this scenario, but we all know that the important thing is: FRAN! FRAN! FRAN!

White House Seeking Gonzales Replacements [Politico]


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