Is Amy Coney Barrett Secretly Joe Biden's Dead Daughter? QAnon Creeps Think So!


One of the hallmarks of QAnon conspiracists, among many, is their seeming belief that no one actually dies. This is hardly unique to them. I grew up staring at tabloid covers constantly promising news of the latest Elvis sightings, so I knew a thing or two about these things.

They think John F. Kennedy Jr. is alive, that he's a Republican now, and that he goes around wearing the skinsuit of an olive-skinned Italian man who looks absolutely nothing like him. Oh! And that he is sending them coded messages about a secret plot "to save the world" on a sketchy internet messageboard. This makes perfect sense to them.

They also think celebrities can achieve immortality by drinking the blood of frightened children, a theory bolstered by the existence of many celebrities who are not currently dead.

The latest person they have declared "not actually dead" is Joe Biden's daughter, Naomi, who was only a year old when she died in a tragic car accident with her mother 48 years ago. And they have a theory! A theory that she survived and became Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. In fact, an account that is at least claiming to be noted QAnon social media personality Joe M (who had previously been banned by Twitter) has promoted it as having been "confirmed."


It has been confirmed among Qcircles that Amy Coney Barrett is in fact, Biden's daughter. We have revealed this earlier given the unprecedented attack on our twitter account.

So what is the basis of this theory? Well, it seems to be primarily rooted in the fact that Amy Coney Barrett is 48 years old and Naomi's nickname was "Amy."

The theory is that Amy and her mother, Neilia, faked their deaths to escape Biden's Luciferian cult and lived under assumed names, and that Trump, being aware of all this, put her on the Supreme Court to keep her safe.

Further evidence includes the fact that Trump pardoned a turkey named Cob, and that the truck that hit Naomi and Neilia was carrying corn cobs.

The person with the Luciferian theory had some other theories as well.


This is crazy!! BUT it has [their] fingerprints ALL over it — all those celebs who died at age 27 Puhlease — that's just when they were RECYCLED! Many of these folks are TIRED of this multi-generational Luciferian role play — I'm PRAYING that Linda and Amy ESCAPED — not reassigned.

This would include Amy Winehouse, who must also be Amy Coney Barrett. All of the Amys are the same person. Amy Poehler, Amy Grant, Amy Carter, Amy Adams, Amy Acker, Amy Ray. All the same person. What? Do you think it's some kind of coincidence that they are all named Amy? How many coincidences before it is mathematically impossible, huh?

Probably a lot, when you consider a coincidence to be having the same or similar names. Like, is it a coincidence that there is a Swedish pop star and a star of the Real Housewives of Potomac who are both named Robyn? And also that Robyn is Rihanna's real name? And that Robyn Hitchcock exists? Of course not. I am all of those people. Obviously. I am also my parents' next door neighbor and I am Stephen, because his last name is Robinson. And Robyn Lively, star of Teen Witch.

Teen Witch (11/12) Movie CLIP - The Most Popular Girl (1989) HD

This also means, by the law of coincidences, that I am a witch. And therefore a member of the Luciferian cult. It all makes sense now.

I also put my whole name through the same Gematria calculator and here are some of the terms that came up:

God bless Putin he's cool, take care and be safe
Kidnap Joe Biden To Do List
Blue Magic Jesus
Jeff did not eat the hot dog
I am the deity named Saturn
Oh my god I'm a flying dolphin
Chris Brown

Obviously, this is fairly solid proof that I am Rihanna. Or that I am going to kidnap Joe Biden. Or that I am simultaneously a flying dolphin and a Roman god. All of these things seem very obviously true. After all, how many coincidences until it's mathematically impossible?

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