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Don't get us wrong, this video is an absolute delight. But it's obvious that at least one professional has joined Basil's campaign staff. It's disconcerting. The music is perfect. But it's too perfect. And so are the cuts. And so is the text that comes up on the screen. Look at what Basil's YouTube account used to be. Somebody is actively using Basil to make fun of him. We called Basil, and it turns out the videos were made by a mysterious "campaign manager" who has signed on with the Basil team. What's going on?

"He has a PhD in uh, umm, digital printing," Basil said.

When asked the name of this campaign manager, Basil got defensive, but eventually gave some information. "I call him James," he said.

Basil said he does know the man's last name: "It's on my e-mail." But Basil can't pronounce it.


James......Reesor? No, can't be. Crazy Man James recently commented on a Huffington Post article about Basil. Reesor, it seems, smells conspiracy:

Republican Basil Marceaux was endorsed by the Tennessee political boss in a YouTube video – asking voters to vote for him instead of Ron Ramsey, Zack Wamp or Bill Haslam. I was shocked to see someone like Basil being backed by the reputed, alleged, mob man from his smoked-filled basement room. Basil is too good for them.

We'll try to get to the bottom of this. We demand nothing but utmost authenticity from the mentally unstable candidates we make fun of around here.

Basil's gubernatorial primary is tomorrow.

UPDATE: James Crenshaw is the name of Basil's "campaign manager." Looking at his Facebook profile, it seems he is basically Tennessee's Rahm Emanuel multiplied by two Karl Roves. This is his personal YouTube account. Okay.

Crenshaw has set up legitimate Marceaux Twitter,TweetPhoto, and Blogspot accounts. According to this post, he set up a debate that was held tonight between Basil and a couple of other fringe candidates. And yes, he sells t-shirts.

Reesor's conspiracy comment appears to be his own attempt to go viral. He made this video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/RlWtcuDyOPw&hl=en_US&fs=1 expand=1]

It's part of a series of, umm, character pieces on his YouTube account.

It was probably worth mentioning earlier today that Basil Marceaux has pled guilty to a number of offenses. Often by reason of insanity.

[YouTube/HuffPo/Basil Marceaux Blog/Nashville Scene/thanks to Wonkette operative "sixonefive"]


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