Is Earth Day An Ancient Egyptian Pagan Plot To Destroy Economy For Worship Of Earth Overlord 'Gaia'?


The Indecision Forever blogranks this Newsbusters poll as "The Dumbest Piece of Internet Pollution This Earth Day," which would be true, if it weren't for the comments section immediately below it.

A sampling:

  • "Yep, those illegals leave a huge mess of trash behind in the wake of their illegal entry into our country, both here and in Mexico.


    Keep the ILLEGALS out, join NumbersUSA to send free faxes to your reps."

  • "Wortshipping the earth goddess. Mother earth is the god gaiah. This goes way back into egypt."
  • "Earth Day, Green Week, Global Warming, Cap and Trade, Radical Environmentalism, Gaiaism. These and similar beliefs are rapidly becoming a state sponsored religion. This is a worldwide religion, not just an American movement. The end goal of this religion is to halt the industrial and economic advance of man, and to make man subserviant to Gaia, the earth as a living super-organism: Earth as God."
  • "FACT: The First Earth Day; April 22, 1970 was the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Mass Murderer Vladimir Lenin's Birthday (April 22, 1870)

    Earth Day - Earth Day Going from Red to Green (FrontPage Magazine)

    'Might it be mere coincidence that Earth Day [April 22] falls on Lenin’s Birthday? No, this link was apparently intended from the beginning. Sincere environmentalists who objected that Lenin’s Soviet Union was a despoiler of the natural ecology of Russia, a dammer of rivers and polluter of ecosystems, have been ignored or silenced.'"

  • "It's a religious festival meant to glorify the creation rather than the Creator." Next comment in response: "ding ding ding you hit the nail on the head, brother"

But *God forbid* the MSM ever question their precious "The One" about any of these things.

Top Five Dumbest Pieces of Internet Pollution This Earth Day [Indecision Forever]

What Is the Point of Earth Day? [Newsbuster]

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