Is Florida's Pretty Lt. Gov. Lady Having Lesbionic Interracial Affair With Aide?

Is Florida's Pretty Lt. Gov. Lady Having Lesbionic Interracial Affair With Aide?

That's a good question, in that headline right there up above here, that you just read. Itcomes to us via the court filings of a lady who worked for Florida's lieutenant governor, Jennifer Carroll, and who is now on trial for sharing secret tape recordings with a reporter. She says, and we believe this is a direct quote from her filing, "Dude, everyone in the office recorded everyone else, it was the policy, and also I totally saw Jennifer Carroll and travel aide Beatriz Ramos lezzing out."

Carletha Cole says she was fired from Lt. Gov. Carroll's office shortly after walking in and seeing Carroll and Ramos in "a compromising position" (scissoring). Then she shared a secret tape recording with a reporter, and now she is on trial for it. She passed a polygraph kind of? Meanwhile, there are further allegations that Ramos may have arsoned a fire with a "cigar" and that Carroll transferred an investigator to keep Ramos safe.

This is all a LOT of to-do for a lieutenant governor's office. In California, our hot lt. gov. is so bored he got a paper route.

While your Wonkette is all for interracial lesbionic affairs, it's possible that Carroll's GOP voters (OH WE FORGOT TO SAY SHE IS A REPUBLICAN!) might not!

[MiamiHerald, via Wonkette operative Schmannity.]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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