Is John McCain the Secret Communist?!

If there's one thing nutty klanslady Sarah Palin is a-scared of, it is the Communist Threat. (And Katie Couric.) While there is no evidence of an actual communist country on Earth outside of, say, Cuba and ... let's see, that child army of Marxists or whatever in Nepal, it is still highly probable that a secret Communist could somehow win the presidency of our god-fearing anti-Communist country, America, and then covertly turn us all into Mao-worshiping Soviets! But which of our great presidential candidates in '08 maybe has some "lost years" when the Communists maybe prepared him for this stealth takeover of the USA? Hmmm? Or should we say, HEHNGHH?

See, John McCain has this story he likes to tell, about how he was a prisoner of the Communist Viet-Cong back in the '60s when three-year-old Barack Obama was blowing up the Pentagon as a member of Sly & the Family Stone. And during those FIVE AND A HALF YEARS, McCain was subject to brainwashing by his Communist Captors! Here is what spooky author Peter Levenda writes about Sleepwalker McCain:

John McCain was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. He was held in a North Vietnamese prison for years. Given an opportunity to leave before his comrades, he did not. As everyone who has spoken about McCain -- whether for him or against him -- has pointed out, John McCain is a genuine American hero.

Except, of course, that is precisely what was said about the Manchurian Candidate.

Recently, documents relating to the treatment of American prisoners of war in Vietnam were declassified by the CIA. They make interesting reading, specifically because they treat of the same time and place where McCain spent his years of captivity. They speak of the need -- expressed by the North Vietnamese -- to use these prisoners for propaganda purposes. Of the need to brainwash them. To convert them to the North Vietnamese, i.e. Communist, point of view.

Is this why the sinister McCain-Palin campaign is so obsessed with calling the capitalist candidate Barack Obama a socialist?

God forbid this stealth communist, John McCain, somehow gets into our White House and finally takes revenge on America for our war against his puppetmasters, the Viet Cong. God save the United States!

Also, do you know who, until recently, owned Alaska? That's right, the Russians. Sarah Palin is a Russian!


Paranoid Ecstasies Vol 1: Is John McCain a Manchurian Candidate? [Sinister Forces Blog]


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