Is Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Coming For ALL Trump's Naughty Fraudy Sh*t? Maybe!
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Something might be happening that is VERY STINKY for Donald Trump and his biological family and his extended crime family. (There is some overlap there, obviously.)

When the Supreme Court ruled a few weeks back in Trump v. Vance, it said without a shadow of a doubt that YES, the president can be investigated and subpoenaed by a state-level prosecutor. But that was the narrow question at hand. It didn't mean Trump's dumbass lawyers couldn't go back to court and argue that Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance's subpoenas weren't wrongbad for a different reason they pulled out of their ass. Everybody expected them to do so, and that's just what they did.

What was important about that Supreme Court ruling is that it established that for these purposes, the president is exactly like the rest of us, and has to argue the exact same things the rest of us plebeians have at our disposal. "Waaaaaah, this subpoena is too broad, it is too burdensome, I have a tee-off after lunch, too busy, WAAAAAAAH" is a thing they could say, for instance. He doesn't get to whine that he is president, therefore you cannot touch him.

The Manhattan DA's investigation, if you'll remember, was (as far as we know) into Trump's original PPP, which did not stand for "Paycheck Protection Program," but rather "Porn Peener Payments," and that's why Vance wants Trump's taxes and financials from his accounting firm, Mazars USA. But somethin' INNARESTIN' happened in court yesterday, after Trump's lawyers tried to say, "Waaaaah, this subpoena is too broad, it is too burdensome, I got tee-time, too busy, WAAAAAAAH."

Vance came back with a filing that said actually, our investigation might be much more broad than you think, we are just saying, so perhaps you should cough it the fuck up. The filing mentions "alleged insurance and bank fraud by the Trump Organization and its officers" — IT IS JUST SAYING — and then continues:

Although the Office bears no affirmative burden to justify the breadth of the Mazars Subpoena, and although Plaintiff is not entitled to know the scope and nature of the grand jury investigation, publicly available information itself establishes a satisfactory predicate for the Mazars Subpoena.


Public reporting demonstrates that the Office had a valid basis for requesting each category and timeframe of document listed in the Mazars Subpoena. As this reporting makes clear, at the time the Mazars Subpoena was issued, there were public allegations of possible criminal activity at Plaintiff's New York County-based Trump Organization dating back over a decade. [...] This possible criminal activity occurred within the applicable statutes of limitations, particularly if the transactions involved a continuing pattern of conduct. In light of these public reports of possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization, there was nothing facially improper (or even particularly unusual) about the Mazars Subpoena, which issued in connection with a complex financial investigation, requesting eight years of records from an accounting firm.

Wow. Cyrus Vance could be bluffin' like a common BLUFFER, but that sounds like something more than Trump's Porn Peener Payments.

It's no guarantee, but we think this might sound like something could be coming down the pike for Trump and his buddies and his pals and his Juniors and his Ivankas. But what could they be talking about?

Oh well, there was that whole thing where Mary L. Trump was the source for the massive New York Timesinvestigation into the Trump family and organization's longstanding FRAUD, ALLEGEDLY. Because, if you'll remember, that investigation led Donald Trump's sister Maryanne Trump to completely stop being a federal judge forever, to stop a judicial inquiry into all that shit.

Oh yeah, and remember that time Michael Cohen went to Congress and gave them three years of Trump financial statements, saying the had witnessed what he believed was Trump artificially inflating and deflating his own assets, depending on whether he was trying to make himself look VERY RICH or VERY POOR at the time. And yes, that included statements to banks and insurance companies. ProPublica has a lot on that.

You know, just to name a couple things off the top of our heads.

So, you know, unless Cyrus Vance is totally bluffing — and DAs do that sometimes, they are very whimsical like that — Trump might have some GETTIN' FUCKED coming his way, courtesy of the DA in Manhattan.

On that note, here is a good thread from Popehat, on that very subject:

Donald Trump's post-presidency could be fun! OPEN THREAD!


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