Is Nancy Pelosi Forcing House Dems To Commit Mortal Sins?


Andrew Breitbart's Big Government blog is trying to get yet another African-American woman in trouble, because black women have controlled America for far too long now. This time the target is DC's Democratic faux-House representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, of whom Breitbart claims to have "SHOCK AUDIO" in the form of a voice mail message she allegedly left on a lobbyist's answering machine thing. The recording raises many concerns about laws and power, especially Pelosi-power!

Listen to the recording here and, using your intimate knowledge of both U.S. federal law and House ethics rules, determine how many violations against God's will Holmes Norton might have committed when she allegedly left her alleged message. Then check your answers with Breitbart's blog post, to see if you spotted them all:

I was, frankly, uh, uh, surprised to see that we don't have a record, so far as I can tell, of your having given to me despite my uh, long and deep uh, work. In fact, it’s been my major work, uh, on the committee and sub-committee it's been essentially in your sector.

I am, I'm simply candidly calling to ask for a contribution. As the senior member of the um, committee and a sub-committee chair, we have (chuckles) obligations to raise, uh funds. And, I think it must have been me who hasn't, frankly, uh, done my homework to ask for a contribution earlier. So I'm trying to make up for it by asking for one now, when we particularly, uh, need, uh contributions, particularly those of us who have the seniority and chairmanships and are in a position to raise the funds.

She seems to have committed two capital crimes: using too many uh's, and unnecessary self-blame for asking for any campaign money. The court should find her guilty on these two counts and sentence her to taxation without representation, ha ha. But it also should throw the book, or several books, at the real wrongdoer here: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is forcing Holmes Norton and other minions to go around procuring campaign cash by any means necessary -- even if it means doing things that God (Andrew Breitbart) and the Pope think are wrong.  []


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